1947 Denim Co. is a proud Pakistani Denim brand that aims to manufacture and provide its customers with top quality Denim products right from the top draw of trend ramps. We, here at 1947 Denim Co. want to create a globally competitive product that can be sold at extremely affordable prices, making denim affable for everyone.

We specialize in Denim Fabrics and create comfort by holding onto our values while modernizing our methods. Our factory now runs at a pace that would tucker out any other factory in the world and our product is rolling across six continents now. Furthermore, we aim to change the way customers think of Denim today by incorporating comfort and convenience characteristics in all our products – to a point where our pair of jeans can be worn to the most extreme workouts and one day even as lounge wear.

Our factory and sales operations are based out of Karachi, Pakistan. Our Core value revolves around creating a universally lovable product backed by a service unmatched.